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Crescent Ice Machine
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Characteristics of crescent ice

Crystal clear, none bubble inside, hard to adhesion.

Beautiful shape, can rapidly cooling and show the beautiful form in modulation of beverage.

With close packing, Crescent ice can achieve maximum ice storage capacity.

Suitable occasion

Bakery, cold drink shop, fast-food restaurants, Coffee hall, Japanese food shop and other places.

Feature of crescent ice machine:

*Stainless steel ice plate, not affected by hard water, is more difficult to gather scale, reduce the cost of machine maintenance.

*Flow-water double-sided icing: one-time running water, double-sided icing, saving water and electricity.

*Reduce the reciprocating frequency of refrigeration and defrosting of compressor, and prolong the service life of compressor.

*Original "intelligent core" ,automatic detection, which enhanced machine stability and maintenance is extremely convenient.

*Inner tank, water tank, water pipe are both meeting the food-grade standards, safe and healthy.

*Ice bin adopts PE overall rotational molding technology, that maintains high efficiency in heat preservation and reaches food-grade standard.

*Imported compressor, extraordinary performance.

Crescent Ice Machine(AM Series)
Model Max Daily output
Ice shape Storage capacity
Power Refrigerant Cooling way
AM-100 50 Crescent Ice 20 510×660×910 220V 500W R22/R404a Air
AM-150 70 Crescent Ice 30 610×660×910 220V 650W R22/R404a Air
AM-230 100 Crescent Ice 45 710×660×910 220V 730W R22/R404a Air
AM-400 200 Crescent Ice 180 560×830×1800 220V 850W R22/R404a Water
AM-600 300 Crescent Ice 180 560×830×1800 220V 1100W R22/R404a Water
AM-1000 500 Crescent Ice 280 760×830×1800 220V 1600W R22/R404a Water
One year guaranty.
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