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Flake Ice Machine
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Characteristics of flake ice:

*Dry and hardly caking, with its smooth surface, will not damage the cold collections, the most suitable for industrial processing and storage of perishable goods.

*Flake ice has larger contact area than snow ice, having the best cooling effect in all kinds of ice.

Suitable occasion:

Seafood cafeteria, supermarket, printing and dyeing chemical industry, cement plant, bread and food processing, slaughter and cooling, etc.

Features of flake ice machine:

*The evaporator is made of low temperature alloy steel with one-step forming technology. It remains low failure rate with advanced fluid dynamics design.

*SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel can be used according to customer's needs.

*The fixed design of vertical evaporator avoids the leakage of refrigeration system caused by the seal damage while the evaporator run.

*Ice knife is made of SUS304 seamless steel tube in one-step forming process, which is extremely durable.

*As ice knife rotates in evaporation bucket, it has the advantages of low resistance, low energy consumption, no noise and no ice powder.

*PLC automatic control, automatic ice making, automatic fault alarm, easy maintenance.

*Leading to industry, ice fall in just three minutes.

*Imported compressor, extraordinary performance.

Flake Ice Machine(AP Series)
Model Max Daily output
Ice shape Storage capacity
Power Refrigerant Cooling way
AP-0.2TS 200 Flake Ice 180 560×830×1860 220V 1200W R22/R404a Air/Water
AP-0.3TS 300 Flake Ice 280 760×830×1860 220V 1500W R22/R404a Air/Water
AP-0.5TS 500 Flake Ice 280 760×830×1930 220V 2000W R22/R404a Air/Water
AP-0.8TS 800 Flake Ice 280 760×830×1930 220V 3200W R22/R404a Air/Water

One year guaranty.
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