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Ice-crusher Machine
Description Specifications after-sale warranty

*Case:ABS  Ice storage tank:PMMA   with transparent structure, process of ice shaving is exposed.

*Microcomputer control, either shave ice quantitatively, or shave ice with shot.

*Fast speed of shaving ice, stable operation, safe, low noise.

*Can be applied to different ice shape below 5CM, such as cube ice, crescent ice, circular ice etc.

*The unique design of the blade, ice thickness can be adjusted freely according to requirement.

*The whole machine is fully enclosed, ensure producing clean and healthy ice, suitable for various environments.

Ice-crusher Machine(SY Series)
Model Maximum outputkg Storage capacitykg DimensionW×D×Hmm Type Power
SY-158 4kg/Min 2kg 380×300×460 Semi-automatic 220V 220W
SY-168 8kg/Min 6kg 450×340×670 Full-automatic 220V 250W
One year guaranty.
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