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Is your ice machine still slow? Source: Snowman Machinery    Hits:    2019-06-24 14:21:19

  Summer is coming, the frequency of use of the ice machine is also high, and it is inevitable that there will be some troubles. To open the store, you need to understand the relevant equipment and learn simple troubleshooting. The Shanghai Snowman will tell you about the common problems of the ice machine. What should I do if the ice machine is very slow?

  The possible reasons for our immortality are targeted to the corresponding scheme:

  I. Insufficient refrigerant (this deficiency is not leaking normal operation or consumption); too much refrigerant, which will affect the ice making efficiency of the ice machine

  Second, the ambient temperature is too high

  The ideal effect of the ice machine is of course the lower the environment, the better the ice making effect. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is too high, the ice making efficiency will also be affected. Generally, the ambient temperature is recommended to be controlled within 35 degrees Celsius.

  Third, the ice machine working point ice machine should be placed in a place where ventilation and heat dissipation work, if stuck in the corner, it will seriously affect the various performance of the ice machine 1. Refrigerant pressure is too high or too low , causing the compressor to work abnormally.

  4. The refrigerant pipeline has gas or debris, or the pipeline is deformed.

  5. If the machine is air-cooled, it may be because the fan appliance is broken, and the rotation is slower. Therefore, the heat dissipation effect is not good, resulting in slow ice making. If the time is long, the compressor may be burned out.

  After reading the above sharing, I believe that you must have a coping strategy for the ice machine's slow ice. What other problems do you encounter when using the ice machine? You are welcome to call us directly, we will use your practical experience to give you professional technical guidance, hotline: 400-021-7789