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How to connect the water supply and drainage system when installing the ice machine? Source: Snowman Machinery    Hits:    2019-06-24 14:22:48

  The water supply and drainage system needs to be installed during the installation of the ice machine. The Shanghai Snowman teaches you how to connect the water supply and drainage system when installing the ice machine.

  1. Water supply is recommended as a separate system. The water supply of the ice machine or water-cooled condenser should be equipped with a water valve. It is recommended to have a booster pump when the water pressure is unstable to control the water intake and water pressure.

  2. The water inlet pressure of the ice machine is 1 kg, and the large water pressure is 6 kg.

  3. Water quality is very important for the good work of the ice machine. The water quality is too soft and too soft, which will affect the ice-scraping situation of the ice machine evaporator. At the same time, the water supply system is recommended to provide customers with filters to report the health and safety of the water supply.

  4. The float valve in the water tank can be adjusted. It can control the water volume in the water tank. Our company has adjusted the non-special situation before leaving the factory. Please do not adjust it at will.

  5, ice machine water supply pipe should pay attention to anti-frost, in the cold region, winter must come to take necessary measures to protect the water supply pipeline. Shanghai Snowman Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. gives you the following suggestions:

  1) Do not remove the water valve of the water supply system.

  2) Isolate the water in the water tank from the water in the cooling tower.

  3) Adjust the water temperature to prevent the freezing tower and circulating water pump.

  4) If the ice machine is not used for a long time, the residual water in the clean water tank and other water supply pipelines should be removed in time to prevent freezing and damage to the pipeline.

  If you find that you have been draining after installation, you should pay attention, it is likely that the system is blocked.

  Shanghai Snowman recommends that you check the reasons from the following aspects:

  1. In the case of pressurized leak test, the water vapor in the air is compressed into water, which is injected into the pipeline to cause ice blockage.

  2. After the evaporator is broken, the water molecules in the frozen (storage) chamber will be brought into the compressor together with the water vapor molecules in the air (the negative pressure will be generated in the generator when the machine is turned on, and the atmospheric pressure will be wet). Water molecules in the air are brought into the machine).

  3. The process pipe is not sealed after being opened, and it is not repaired in time. This long-term shelving of frost, coupled with the occasional start-up, will bring moisture from the air into the machine. There are also compressors that are not sealed and placed for a long time. If they are not used for drying, they will be replaced by frost, which will cause ice blockage and dirty blockage.

  Solution: The internal structure of the ice machine is complicated. If ice blockage is found, you can contact the manufacturer for after-sales maintenance. Do not handle it yourself, and it is easy to cause secondary damage.