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Shanghai Snowman teaches you how to extend the life of your home ice machine Source: Snowman Machinery    Hits:    2019-06-24 14:23:30

  Shanghai Snowman teaches you how to extend the service life of your home ice machine. In fact, you want to have a long service life. You can't ignore the usual maintenance.

  Household ice machines are like many electrical appliances. When installing a home ice machine, we should place it in a solid and flat position on the ground. Otherwise, it will be easy to generate some noise when used. Also, the home ice machine is recommended. Place it away from the heat source, avoid direct sunlight, and have good ventilation. Otherwise, the temperature will be too low, and the ice-making effect will be degraded.

  Also remember to clean in time. Household ice machines must be cleaned every two months. For details, please see the Shanghai Snowman to share with you:

  1. Twist the inlet pipe of the ice machine and clean the filter in the inlet pipe. This will prevent the ice in the inlet pipe from being blocked by impurities such as sand and sediment.

  2. The water pipes, sinks, storage refrigerators and protective film of household ice machines are cleaned at least once every two months.

  3. If we don't apply the home ice machine, we should clean it, then dry the water and put it in a ventilated and ventilated position. It should not be exposed to the outside for storage.

  Household ice machines are very practical products for people's lives. Nowadays, many families have bought it home, which is convenient and fast, especially in the summer, but it has brought us great convenience, except for the choice. A good ice machine brand, we should also have an understanding of its maintenance methods, in order to use it longer.