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Can the tea shop ice machine, ice machine, ice crusher and sand ice machine be used? Source: Snowman Machinery    Hits:    2019-06-24 14:24:11

  In the production process of the summer tea shop, we use a variety of ice machines, such as ice machines, ice machines, ice machines, sand machines, etc. Where are these machines used? Shanghai Snowman will share the application of different machines.

  Ice machine application

  No ice machine usually buys ice outside, which is unsanitary. Or use artificial ice trays, which is more troublesome. There is a small ice tea shop special ice machine. The ice is slow, the ice is crystal clear, and the cold drink is cool. There is an ice machine. It’s a good summer.

  Ice crusher application

  The ice crusher can only make ice cubes into ice pellets of different sizes, and these ice pellets are the raw materials for making ice porridge. So how do you make ice porridge? Ice porridge - add crushed ice particles to different materials such as fruits, pearls, and rounds, add sugar water or milk to form fancy ice porridge with different flavors. There is also a traditional ice porridge made by cooling the porridge and adding different raw materials.

  Ice machine application

  The fineness of the ice can be determined by adjusting the blade. It can make two kinds of ice, one is fancy shaved ice and the other is ice. Shaved ice: If you use white ice and then pile up the falling ice powder by hand, you can form a beautiful form like an iceberg. Plus red beans are delicious red bean ice, which is considered to be the classic ice in Taiwan. Ice: The icicles of all flavors are cut with a blade of a planer or picked up with a tray or waffle. Such as "cotton" silk casket, soft, slippery, thin, thin, cotton, more and more soft fluffy structure, so that the "ice" original chilly texture completely subverted. Plus pearls, jams, puddings, etc. can enrich the taste of ice.

  Sand ice machine application

  The sand ice machine is also called a food cooking machine. The important components are the blades and the motor. The quality of the blade determines the performance of this sand ice machine. The price of a general sand ice machine is 300 yuan, but the price of a good sand ice machine can reach tens of thousands. Therefore, many stores combine the ice machine with the ice machine, and use the ice from the ice machine to make a milkshake or smoothie. This will extend the life of the sand ice machine, and it is easier to make the sand ice more delicate. Of course, in addition to making smoothies, the sand ice machine is more valuable because he can make more original drinks, such as corn juice, walnut juice, and peanut dew. These are unmatched by the other two machines.

  After reading the snowman from Shanghai, I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the application of ice machine, ice crusher, ice machine and sand ice machine in the tea shop equipment.