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Granular Snow Ice Machine
Description Specifications after-sale warranty

*Adopting advanced deceleration motor, low noise, can run smoothly even in poor conditions.

*Rotary extrusion type ice making mode, compact structure, automatic separation of ice and water, the ice is dry and fine.

*Floating ball type water inlet, no residual water, saved the drainage process of ice, high ice-making speed, high efficiency and energy saving

*Original "intelligent core" ,automatic detection, which enhanced machine stability and maintenance is extremely convenient.

*Front-mounting radiator, convenience cleaning, noise is lower more than 15% with advanced noise reduction technology.

*Inner tank, water tank, water pipe are both meeting the food-grade standards, safe and healthy.

*Ice bin adopts PE overall rotational molding technology, that maintains high efficiency in heat preservation and reaches food-grade standard.

*Imported compressor, extraordinary performance.

Granular Snow Ice Machine(AF series)
Model Max Daily output
Ice shape Storage capacity
Power Refrigerant Cooling way
AF-250 120 Granular Snow Ice 50 670×680×1050 220V 650W R22/R404a Air
AF-350 160 Granular Snow Ice 150 560×830×1800 220V 750W R22/R404a Air/Water
AF-500 230 Granular Snow Ice 180 560×830×1900 220V 950W R22/R404a Air/Water
AF-700 320 Granular Snow Ice 180 560×830×1950 220V 1400W R22/R404a Air/Water
AF-1000 500 Granular Snow Ice 280 760×830×1950 220V 1600W R22/R404a Air/Water
AF-800 350 Mineral Snow Ice 180 560×830×1950 220V 1400W R22/R404a Air/Water
AF-1200 550 Mineral Snow Ice 280 760×830×1950 220V 1800W R22/R404a Air/Water
One year guaranty.
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