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Cube Ice Machine(Economic)
Description Specifications after-sale warranty

*Up-push door design, beautiful shape, convenience carrying ice.

*Nickel plated copper ice tray, quick speed of ice making and ice fall.

*Original "intelligent core" ,automatic detection, which enhanced machine stability and maintenance is extremely convenient.

*One key cleaning system,prevent your ice machine from sub-health (with special cleaning agent).

*Front-mounting radiator, convenience cleaning, noise is lower more than 15% with advanced noise reduction technology.

*Inner tank, water tank, water pipe are both meeting the food-grade standards, safe and healthy.

*Ice bin adopts PE overall rotational molding technology, that maintains high efficiency in heat preservation and reaches food-grade standard.

*Imported compressor, extraordinary performance.

Economic Integration Ice Machine(KD series)
Model Max Daily output
Ice shape Storage capacity
Power Refrigerant Cooling way
KD-180 80 Cube ice 45 660×760×930 220V 580W R22/R404a Air/Water
KD-210 90 Cube ice 45 660×760×930 220V 600W R22/R404a Air/Water
KD-260 120 Cube ice 45 660×760×930 220V 650W R22/R404a Air/Water

One year guaranty.