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Super-fine Snow Ice Machine
Description Specifications after-sale warranty

*One machine perform three machines(ice machine, ice crusher, ice shaver), cost saving.

*The evaporator adopts SUS304 stainless steel, firmness, easy to clean.

*Original "intelligent core" ,automatic detection, which enhanced machine stability and maintenance is extremely convenient.

*Simple operation, alarm of full ice, water shortage and so on are automatically displayed.

*Adopting advanced deceleration motor, low noise, can run smoothly in poor conditions.

*Floating ball type water inlet, no residual water, produce clean and health snow ice.

*Imported compressor, extraordinary performance.

Super-fine Snow Ice Machine(SF Series)
Model Max Daily output
Ice shape Storage capacity
Power Refrigerant Cooling way
SF-120 60 Super-fine Snow Ice 30 400×520×820 220V 300W R22/R404a Air
SF-175 80 Super-fine Snow Ice 30 400×520×820 220V 350W R22/R404a Air
SF-220 100 Super-fine Snow Ice 40 500×520×920 220V 450W R22/R404a Air
SF-250 120 Super-fine Snow Ice 40 500×520×920 220V 650W R22/R404a Air
SF-400 180 Super-fine Snow Ice 60 500×560×1220 220V 800W R22/R404a Air
One year guaranty.