Hotel need ice machines

For large chain hotels, versatile cube machines with a dispenser offer a consistent, reliable ice source. In smaller, boutique hotels, under counter units can suffice and provide more specialty ice forms such as nugget or larger, clear cubes.Beyond the type of ice machine, there are a few additional features to look for in ice machines on guest floors. Built-in remote diagnostics are a significant advantage when there are multiple floors and several

machines per floor; checking them constantly would be a full-time job. Additionally, quiet machines are best so as not to disturb guests during their stay.


Ice machines are also a staple at a variety of dining locations around hotels and resorts. For hotel restaurants, a modular machine atop a bin for drink station filling is a popular back-of-house option. In order to meet guest demand, operators need to make sure that the unit has enough capacity to handle

large crowds during peak times, especially if the restaurant is available to an audience beyond just hotel guests. A snack counter or bar that serves iced coffees or specialty cocktails could use an under counter unit that provides larger, clear cubes — an ice form that is ideally suited for these types of drinks.

Additionally, locations with an outdoor dining option, like a swim-up bar at a resort, need plenty of ice to assist guests in beating the heat.