How to choose a high-quality ice machine that meets the needs of your store?

Ice production, this is a key data, which can explain whether the performance of the ice machine is in line with our needs.

How to calculate ice production more accurately?

First of all, look at the official ice production data of the merchant. In the experimental environment (ambient temperature 15°C, water temperature 10°C), the amount of ice produced is not only directly related to the performance design of the ice machine, but also closely related to the ambient temperature of use.

In the environment with high ambient temperature in summer, the time for each ice production will naturally become longer, the overall efficiency will be relatively reduced, and the ice production volume will be reduced. Secondly, you can simply calculate the ice production based on the ice production time given by the ice machine and the number of ice trays in the evaporator. It refers to the continuous production for 24 hours. It is calculated based on 15 minutes of ice making each time. Grid 4*10=40 ice cubes, each ice cube is about 10g. It is easy to conclude that the output of this type of ice machine in 24 hours is 38400g, which is 38kg. Finally, according to the full calculation of 38kg according to the data, and throwing away some losses, the more accurate output is about 35kg. Just compare it with the data given by the manufacturer.

Extend ice usage through production

It is very important to benchmark ice production and ice consumption

Taking a milk tea shop as an example, by collecting the order quantity of ice drinks in the shop, and then how many ice cubes are in each cup, we can simply estimate how much ice making machine we need every day to meet the needs of the store.

At the same time, taking into account the amount of ice used when business is booming during the summer peak, if you increase it slightly, you can buy an ice machine that you want.

An ice machine with low noise and silent design is very necessary

The sound is too loud during operation, causing headaches, and the decibels are too loud when driving in summer.

This is the time to test the manufacturing design. Use smooth-running compressors and other components to ensure that the ice machine has stable performance and operates with low noise to reduce noise.

Ice production efficiency, as mentioned above, the main factor affecting it depends on the design of the ice machine. The compressor and evaporator are the key. The ice machines of Snowman use compressors from internationally renowned brands. The refrigeration efficiency is stable and the quality is high. It is reliable and can run for a long time without losing the chain. The evaporator ice tray is made of pure copper and nickel-plated. The cold and heat exchange rate is very fast and the cooling effect is rapid. The nickel-plated ice tray is smooth and corrosion-resistant, and the ice cubes are made to de-ice quickly without ice jam.

If the ice cannot be removed stably, the ice tray will become a burden to the ice machine, and the refrigeration efficiency will not be fully utilized.

After the ice is stuck, the efficiency of ice production will be greatly reduced. The pure copper nickel-plated evaporator selected by Snowman makes the ice removal smoother and smoother. The ice cubes are free of burrs and debris, and are crystal clear. The ice tray is easier to clean during maintenance.

Regarding the thickness of the ice cubes, think about what your ice cubes are mainly used for. Different uses have different requirements for the thickness of the ice cubes.

Snowman’s ice machines are all equipped with an ice thickness adjustment function, which can be operated by gently pressing the “+ or –” sign. The thickness requirements of different drinks are fully met, and the ice dispensing time for thin ice and thick ice is slightly different.

If it is used to make cocktails or fresh food, then you have to choose a snowflake ice or crushed ice machine.

For fruit, vegetable and meat ice display in supermarkets, you can choose a flake ice machine, which has greater output, is easy to use, and has better economic benefits.