Ice machine Maintenance

In order to improve the reliability and service life of the ice machine. And avoid increasing the energy consumption coefficient of ice production while maintaining sanitation. You have to carry out the maintenance for the machine.

  1. Clean the area around the ice machine regularly, to keep the blinds of the ice machine which are used for ventilation from clogging.

  • Clean the shell of the ice machine with a neutral cleanser, then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If necessary, commercial stainless steel cleaner and polishing agent can be used.

3.Filter element of the ice machine should be checked regularly. Most of the filter element within 6 months should be replaced, or according to the instructions on time replacement.

4.The water tank and ice bin of the ice machine can be cleaned with water pipes, but do not have excessive water pressure. Do not directly flush the water pump and upper part of ice grid, to prevent the circuit flooding.

5.Condersor of air cooled Ice machine: Clean the condenser every three months. Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush to scrub the condenser’s fins from up to down along the fin direction to avoid damaging the fin and affecting the cooling effect.

6.Overwintering Maintenance : Turn off the ice machine, In addition to turning off the water source and power supply, the residual water in the ice maker flume, intake pipe and drainage pipe should be cleaned out.