Ice market and ice machine demand analysis

With the gradual expansion of the ice market, the ice machine industry is receiving more and more attention. Various ice cubes have been widely used in various industries. According to their uses, they are mainly divided into commercial and industrial ice machines. Commercial ice machines are mainly used in chain supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and industrial ice machines are mainly divided into food processing and ocean fishing. , biological experiments, medical refrigeration and entertainment and other related industries.

Catering industry

Ice cubes produced by ice machines have been widely used in hotels, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues. The survey shows that generally high-end hotels, high-end restaurants, hotels, KTVs, entertainment venues and other high-consumption commercial places are equipped with ice machines. There are also some bars and KTVs that do not yet have ice machines. Currently, they buy bagged ice, each bag is 5 kilograms. During the peak period of ice consumption, an average of 20 bags are used a day. These bagged ice comes from ice factories, which mainly produce ice. Regarding bagged edible ice cubes and large ice cubes, data shows that there are nearly a thousand ice-making factories in my country, and these ice factories will purchase large-scale ice-making machines. This shows that the market demand for ice-making machines in the catering market is not saturated.

Supermarket hypermarket

In summer, in order to cool down and preserve perishable food such as aquatic products, meat, vegetables, etc., supermarkets use at least 5,000 kilograms of ice every day, so they must be equipped with ice machines (flake ice machines). Supermarkets use ice mainly to keep seafood and aquatic products fresh, and supermarkets must be equipped with ice machines when they open. Summer is the peak season for ice use, and the ice machines are never idle.


In order to ensure the quality of the catch, the fishing industry must use ice to cool down. Generally, fishing boats are equipped with ice machines. According to industry insiders, on-board preservation methods can generally be divided into ice storage, cold seawater preservation, salt storage, micro-freezing, Freezing etc. Among them, coastal and offshore trawlers mainly use ice storage at around 0°C to keep fresh; small and medium-sized purse seine fishing boats mainly use cold seawater around -1°C to keep fresh, and trawlers or fishery base ships operating far away from the fishing port use plate freezing; Tunnel blow freezing, pipe rack blow freezing, suspension freezing, or continuous freezing device for low temperature freezing. The freezing temperature can be -50~-55℃. The freshness of the frozen fish can be eaten raw. . There are also some fishing boats that use light salt for low-temperature preservation, or micro-freezing at about -3°C. Market analysis shows that the market prospect of ice making machines for fishery fishing is very promising.

medical community

Medical ice mainly includes medical ice and ice for scientific research and teaching experiments. The application of ice machines in hospitals and scientific research institutions will be on the rise with its market development.