Key Product Features Required in an Ice Machine

Ice storage is one of the important elements to save energy and make ice efficiently.there is foam insulation built into the frame walls, adding another 2”- 4” of insulation depending on the model.  Just like a high-end ice cooler, if you want your ice to last, the bin and machine must be well-insulated.  An inferior bin that is ½” thick or less without insulation will cause the ice to melt much faster, driving electric costs up because the ice maker has to run longer to keep the bin full.   When purchasing an ice vending machine, ask if the ice storage bin is insulated and to what extent it is.


The machine’s life is determined by the frame’s durability, especially in an outside environment.  If you want a unit that will last 15 to 20+ years, then go with an aluminum frame. Your resale value will be higher when you sell the unit, and you can update the machine down the road for a second life. A powder-coated metal frame that can rust in 5-10 years or when you nick it with a tool is not a product that you will want to update and continue to invest money in, and your resale value and the ability to rebuild the unit will be limited.

While a little more expensive, all snowsman Ice machines have heavy-duty aluminum alloy frames. snowsman Ice machines are built to last, have high resale value, and are rebuildable for a second life.  The frame is the core. If it’s good, you can continue to operate the machine for many, many years, increasing your revenues.