The important things for successful and profitable flake ice selling business

If you want to invest in flake ice business, listen to the following suggestions and you will be a great success in ice business.


  1. Conduct market research and design ice making plant based on it.
  2. How many tons of ice flakes should you produce on average every day?
  3. What is the ice storage capacity of ice room?


In some areas, customers come to buy ice every day, and ice flakes are sold out every day.

In this case, there is no need to invest in a large ice room.

Just make sure that the ice room is large enough to collect all the ice flakes made at night.

The ice storage capacity of ice room is 1/2 of the actual ice making capacity of the machine.


In some areas, customers do not come every day, they may come to buy ice once a week.

You make ice continuously for a week, and then sell out all the ice flakes in one day.

In this case, you should prepare a very large ice room, and the ice room should be equipped with a cooling device to keep the internal temperature at minus 5 degrees Celsius.

This way the ice flakes can be kept inside for a long time without melting.

You do not have to choose a machine with a large daily production capacity, because you have a week to fill that ice room.


Prepare the power supply and water source.

Try to get a stable three-phase power supply for industrial use from a local power station.

If the voltage is unstable, please buy an industrial voltage stabilizer

Otherwise, you will have to use a diesel generator to run the machine. Please calculate whether it is worth using a diesel generator to make ice.

Ice making requires fresh water. Fresh water should be very abundant.


Choose a water-cooled condenser + water-cooling tower instead of an air-cooled condenser.

Water-cooled systems are more efficient in tropical areas and save more electricity.

Users only need to prepare chemicals to clean the condenser regularly.

With a clean condenser, the system will be more efficient.

In contrast, air-cooled systems consume more electricity to make the same amount of ice.

And many Chinese suppliers are using cheap, low-quality air condensers, which will lose efficiency after a year.

The fins of these low-quality air condensers will corrode and be covered with an oxide layer, and the efficiency will become lower and lower.


Run the machine at night.

The ambient temperature is lower at night, and ice making is more efficient and saves more electricity. At night, the electricity price in some cities is much lower. The authorities encourage factories to use off-peak electricity. If possible, increase the capacity of your machines and try to use off-peak electricity to fill your icehouse. In many areas, voltage is more stable at night.