What are the common faults of ice machines?

Ice machine manufacturers say that ice machine failure is not as difficult as you thinks. There are some glitches and you just have to move your hands. The most important thing is to grasp the cause of the failure so that you can prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem.

The following will introduce to you several common faults in ice machines. Friends who are interested should take a look!

  1. 1. Ice machine failure phenomenon: the compressor works but does not cool.

Cause of failure: Refrigerant liquid leakage or two-way solenoid valve is damaged and is not closed tightly.

Maintenance method: After detecting the leak, add refrigerant to the leak or replace the solenoid valve.


  1. Ice machine failure phenomenon: the compressor keeps working to cool down, the water pump keeps working to pump water, the ice cubes keep getting thicker, but it cannot automatically enter the de-icing program to reduce ice.

Reason for the failure: The water temperature probe is faulty, which prevents the intelligent control system from effectively sensing the water temperature and working, misjudgment of the program error, or controller failure.

Machine maintenance method: The ice machine manufacturer stated that use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the water temperature probe (when the water temperature in the water tank is close to 0°C, unplug the three-core wire in the control box and test the resistance of the probe with two wires on both sides), if If the resistance value is above 27k, the controller is judged to be broken and should be replaced. If the resistance value is lower than 27k, one of the two wires must be disconnected and the resistance value must be adjusted to between 27k~28k by connecting the resistor in series.


  1. The ice machine enters the de-icing process (the water pump stops working and the compressor stops cooling), but the ice cubes do not fall off.

Cause of failure: The two-way solenoid valve is damaged.

Repair method: Replace the solenoid valve body or outer coil.


  1. The ice machine water shortage light is on but the machine does not automatically replenish water.

Cause of failure: There is no water in the pipeline or the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty and the valve does not open.

How to repair the ice machine: Check the water inlet of the pipeline. If there is no water, open the water line and restart the machine. If the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty, replace it.


  1. The ice machine compressor works but the water pump never works (no running water)

Cause of failure: The water pump is damaged or the water pump is blocked by scale.

Ice machine maintenance method: clean the water pump or replace the water pump.


  1. The ice machine compressor water condenser and some refrigeration equipment are normal, but they do not freeze. what reason?

The manufacturer of the ice machine said that the reason for the lack of freezing should be that there is not enough Freon, or the filter in the fluorine pipeline is clogged, or there is too much Freon and it cannot make ice.