What have to pay attention to when installing the ice machine?

First, Stay away from the heat sources and avoid the direct sunlight.

The temperature of the ice machine must be low enough to produce ice cubes. If the outside temperature is too high, it will affect the ice production and damaged the ice machine . Therefore, when using the ice machine, you should Be careful to stay away from various heat sources, maintain good ventilation, and avoid ambient temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

Second, the installation platform must be stable and solid.

After purchasing the ice machine, install it on a stable and solid platform. Because the ice machine has a large weight, if the platform is not strong, it cannot support the ice machine for a long time; in addition, if the platform is unstable, the ice machine will not only make a lot of noise during operation, but may also not remove ice.

Third, an independent standard power supply is required

Since the power of the ice machine is relatively large, when installing it, the ice machine manufacturer recommends that it be equipped with an independent power supply that complies with regional standards to avoid using the same power supply with other equipment. In addition, in order to prevent the ice machine from malfunctioning due to fluctuations in the power supply, fuses and leakage protection switches should be configured periodically to ensure that the voltage fluctuation during operation of the ice machine does not exceed plus or minus ten percent of the rated voltage.

Fourth, more than 15cm of space must be left on the top, front, back, left and right sides of the ice machine.

Especially for air-cooled ice machines, sufficient heat dissipation space must be left to facilitate heat dissipation, otherwise the ice making efficiency will be low or the machine will shut down due to poor heat dissipation.

Fifth, Ensure smooth drainage

The ice machine drains water by gravity, so it is necessary to ensure that the drainage pipe has sufficient slope and drop. The position of the sewer pipe opening should be lower than the position of the ice machine drain outlet to ensure smooth drainage.