What is granular ice machine?

Looking for your next commercial ice machine but not sure which type of ice is right for your business? At SNOWMAN, we offer high-quality ice machines for either cube ice or granular ice – we will use these two terms interchangeably here. While most people are familiar with regular cube ice, far less is known about granular ice. In this blog, we are here to give you a better understanding of granular ice and its uses.


What is granular?

Granular ice is pearl-like soft ice formed by multiple layers of ice flakes frozen together. Unlike flake ice, which is used for industrial purposes, granular ice is well suited for many different commercial industries due to its many important characteristics:

The slower melting rate allows it to be used longer after dispensing.

Rapid cooling properties make it ideal for industries that require products to be cooled immediately.

High productivity provides you with a continuous supply of ice and high turnover rates.


Uses for Granular

  1. Medical industry

Granular ice machines can be used in many different areas of the medical industry. In hospitals, it can be used to lower a patient’s body temperature after surgery or during organ transport. The pharmaceutical industry can also use granular ice machines in laboratories to quickly cool biological samples, as well as to preserve drugs and cool chemicals after important reactions during the manufacturing process.


  1. Entertainment

If you are in the hospitality industry, a granular ice machine is a great choice. Whether you have a pub, bar, restaurant or hotel, the qualities of block ice make it perfect for beverages. Granular ice has a water content of about 10%, and its dense texture and slow melting rate help keep drinks cooler for longer without melting too quickly and affecting the drink’s flavor. Granular ice has other uses, such as keeping buffet displays, including vegetables and salads, cool for longer periods of time. On a lighter note, its “chewy” properties could provide consumers with an interesting beverage addition.


  1. Food preservation

The rapid cooling properties of granular ice machines also make them ideal for food preservation. It can be used on display counters such as fishmongers or supermarkets to help extend the freshness of produce. In large catering companies,granular ice machines can be a life-saving device for the business, ensuring that food at events remains cool and hygienic, guaranteeing a high-quality product and happy guests.



  1. Welfare industry

The wellness industry is no stranger to the benefits of granular ice. Whether you have a sports therapy clinic, gym, or spa, granular ice can be used to treat injuries as part of the rehabilitation process because it can be easily molded into the desired shape, maximizing the surface area around the injury. Of course, beverages are also an important part of a wellness facility’s business – their larger surface area and higher ice-to-beverage ratio allow customers to enjoy higher-calorie beverages guilt-free.