What should I do if ice cubes contain excessive bacteria?

Ice machine disinfection and antibacterial section helps you solve problems,many domestic ice-cold hygiene issues have emerged, with milk tea drink shops and hot pot restaurants being the hardest hit. How to ensure the hygiene and health of edible ice in the technical aspects of ice making machines?

A dedicated disinfection module is a very effective solution!

The ice machine antibacterial disinfection module, experimental data shows that it can effectively disinfect the ice machine water and ensure the health of ice cubes!

Of course, at the technical level, it is only a standard feature to ensure the hygiene of edible ice. In daily use, it must be maintained frequently, and the inside of the ice machine, the evaporator, the water tank, the ice storage bucket and the water pipe channel, and the outside must be regularly cleaned. To maintain a clean environment, water purification cartridges and filters should be checked and replaced regularly. In this two-pronged approach, the texture, taste and hygiene of the ice cubes can be guaranteed for a long time.

So do the water cubes we consume and come into contact with every day meet health and hygiene standards? Will the ice cubes exceed the standard? People say that drinking cold drinks can cause diarrhea, but have you ever noticed that drinking cold drinks with ice cubes can cause diarrhea? If you don’t pay attention, there will be no supervision. It’s possible that our ice cubes have exceeded the bacterial limit.

Therefore, when making ice in a store or business premises, you must purify the water source, maintain good hygiene, and maintain the machine. Make eating ice cubes safe, healthy and worry-free. For this problem, we have a good solution, an ice machine with UV sterilization and water purification system, which produces healthy ice cubes!

The antibacterial and disinfection module of the ice machine has obvious product features and advantages, and is suitable for the strict standards for food safety during the epidemic period.

  1. Suitable for all ice cube machines, easy and convenient to install at the sink
  2. Convenient and compact, made of medical and food grade materials
  3. High disinfecting efficiency, power as low as 2.5w
  4. Generate specific ultraviolet wavelengths for concentrated sterilization
  5. Green and environmentally friendly, no additives, no derived ozone pollution

Therefore, using UV sterilization can make ice cubes safer and more hygienic, allowing customers to have a better tasting experience.