Cube ice machine

We are a commercial ice machine manufacturer. Our ice machine can produce cube ice and small chewable ice. Cube ice is the most widely used ice shape. You will not go wrong if you buy it. The maximum output of this commercial ice machine can reach 1800KG per day, which can meet the regular commercial needs.

Although this ice machine is widely used, it still has a special feature, that is, the size of ice cubes can be customized. Within a certain size range, you can have any size of cube ice.

You must be curious about the size of this ice machine. Here are some common sizes:

The most commonly used is 22X22X22MM, which has the highest cost-effectiveness and can produce the most ice cubes

The second is 13X28X23MM, which is also a very popular ice shape

The larger one is 28x28x22MM.

If you need a customized size, please discuss with us.

The other type is small-particle ice cubes with irregular shapes. The size of the ice cubes is very suitable for chewing in the mouth. Currently, this type only has 350KG and 550KG models, and it is becoming more and more popular.