Good-looking moon-shaped ice maker

Summer is coming, especially with the recent high temperature in India, in the absence of air conditioning, ice cubes are the most effective product for cooling down. Today, I will introduce an ice maker that can produce good-looking ice cubes. This ice cube is a bit like the shape of the moon, so we call it crescent ice/moon ice.

The moon ice made by our ice maker are good-looking and transparent. Because it uses spraying technology, the ice cubes are better nice than ordinary ice cubes, hard and melt slowly.


Then let’s introduce this series of ice makers. This ice maker has 8 models, which are distinguished by the daily output, from 36KG-480KG/day. It is especially suitable for bars and beverage shops to make high-end ice drinks, which are good-looking and delicious, so that customers will like your drinks more. Moreover, our ice maker is beautiful and durable. Hurry up and choose our ice maker.