Cube ice, snowflake ice, ice maker

The ice produced by this ice maker is generally used in the preparation of drinks and the decoration and preservation of dishes.

When the granulated ice produced by the ice maker is placed in the drink, it can quickly absorb the taste of the drink while cooling it down, so it is one of the few ice cubes that people like to chew directly. The particle size of granulated ice is divided into two types, one is smaller, which can also be called snowflake ice, and the other is larger, which is more chewing. The store will add different ice cubes according to the different types of drinks and customer needs.

The granulated ice produced by the granulated ice maker is also used for cooling, preservation and decoration of dishes. It is the kind of small-particle ice, which is mostly used in hot pot restaurants and Japanese restaurants. However, in this case, people generally do not eat it. It is used as long as it is beautiful and can ensure the freshness of the ingredients.

This ice machinecapacity 60KG, 100KG, 150KG, 220KG, 320KG, 500KG/DAY for small Granular ice, and a bigger Granular ice capacity are only 350kg, 500kg/day for large-particle ice.