SNOWMAN Warranty Explanation

Factory repairs can be confusing, and it is easy to get lost in legal language. This article will introduce the basic knowledge of SNOWMAN ice machine maintenance and its influence on the important parts you purchase. From ensuring ease of use to providing the best service possible, this information can help you make smart purchasing decisions when purchasing commercial ice machines.

Firstly, SNOWMAN provides industry-leading repair services for the ice making industry. This covers mechanical and manual maintenance for a year of ice machines, but let’s talk about what this maintenance period actually means.

SNOWMAN repair scope begins from the day of equipment installation. It is very important that you fill in your registration form, so SNOWMAN can be sure to know this date. If there is no repair card, the factory can only refer to the date when the ice machine leaves the factory. In order to maximize your repair scope, it is very important that you copy and post the SNOWMAN repair card during installation. The repair scope also applies to ice machines, regardless of the owner or installation position. If the device is sold within the warranty period, SNOWMAN does not require warranty service.