Cube Ice VS Crescent Ice? What’s the difference?

ice cubes

Cube ice, simply put, is the ice we all know and love. The uniform cubes are best for all types of drinks, keeping your drinks chilled longer without diluting your drink. Our 23mm cubes will keep construction workers cooler on site for longer, perfect for sports clubs and perfect for bagging and resale.

crescent ice

Crescent Ice is widely used in the fast food industry. It’s the perfect shape for cylindrical cups to maximize profits, but that’s about it. This isn't ideal if you want to serve your customers the perfect cocktail or mixed drink. Crescent ice is thin, melts too quickly, dilutes your drink, and doesn't keep your drink super cold. Don't offer diluted water drinks to customers just to make a few extra pennies. In this highly competitive industry, the damage to your reputation can be staggering.


We at SNOWMAN ICE MACHINE can provide you with the latest and greatest ice setups and ensure you keep up with the competition. Your ice is your business. Let it reflect your dedication to delivering quality and the best taste. The quality of crescent ice is also difficult to ensure because the ice is so thin, meaning it melts too quickly and freezes unevenly. Cubed ice is also easier to use for other purposes, such as resale, because it retains its shape and temperature longer. You can easily promote your small business by selling bagged ice and there is nothing a Crescent ice maker can do for that.

Crescent ice may be common in self-serve beverage machines, but it is unacceptable as an ice solution for cocktails or other products where taste and ice quality are important. Cubed ice holds its shape better, melts more evenly, and keeps drinks pure and flavorful. Don't compromise on the quality of your food and drinks by choosing less ice, choose proven winners.