With the ability to produce up to 600lb. of ice per day, this Snowsman air cooled flake ice machine will keep up with the ice demands of your restaurant, bar, or institution.

This unit features a removable air filter, as well as easy-to-use on / off buttons. it  produces flake ice, which cools more quickly than other ice forms and is ideal for seafood and produce displays, as well as for salad bar fruits and vegetables.

Produces Flake Ice

This unit produces flake ice rather than the cube ice. Due to its shape and size, flake ice easily conforms to assume the shape of any container and to efficiently surround food you're keeping cold! It also chills more quickly than other ice forms, making it great for keeping food cold in seafood, salad bar, or beverage service applications.

User-Friendly Operation

Complete with an easy-to-operate control panel with LED indicator lights, its operation is convenient as a breeze. Multiple statuses are clear at a glance, including RUN, FAULT, ICE FULL, and WATER LOW. Besides, an automatic flushing function is available every time while starting up.