How to choose an ice machine when buying it for the first time?

Often meeting the customers, the first thing they ask you is how much the ice machine ? The customers are generally the first time they buy the ice machine, and they only focus on the price, configuration and performance without understanding it.


For example: If he wants to buy an ice machine, he will even make thirty or fifty phone calls, write down the price of each one, find 2-3 cheaper ones, and then choose from these 2-3 manufacturers. one.


There are countless such customers. Whenever a customer inquire about the price of an ice machine, I will tell him that when buying an ice machine, you should not only look at the price, but also the brand, service, configuration, and most importantly, the quality, because as long as it is an honest business, the price and the quality of the machine will be determined. Directly proportional. But the reality is that the more honest you are with him, the more impatient he will be. He thinks that ice machines are all the same, so just buy a cheap one that works. So he only looked at the price and didn’t care about anything else, so he chose the cheapest one.


In fact, this choice will cause endless troubles in use. It only took 1 or 2 months, but the problem came…either the output was seriously insufficient, or the machine simply stopped working. At this time, I contacted the manufacturer for exchange, repair, or return, but the manufacturer said there was nothing they could do. The reason is: the profit of an ice machine is only a few hundred yuan, and the various expenses of sending people to repair it add up to several hundred yuan, which means that the profit is all gone… Therefore, the customer can only eat Huanglian dumbly, and himself It took a lot of money, time and effort to find someone to repair it. Finally, the repairman came over. When the repairman opened the machine and took a look, there was a problem. The compressor and several major accessories of the ice machine were either from third-rate brands or second-hand. Refurbished parts cannot be repaired at all. Customers can only look back and sigh, regretting it! Why is this?



Take a 40KG ice machine as an example. The market price of regular products is generally more than USD 450, but some manufacturers only sell it for USD 300, or even USD 250 or less. If the manufacturer chooses imported or domestic high-quality parts at a genuine price, the cost of the parts will be USD 300. Plus management fees, labor costs, transportation costs, etc., the factory cost of the whole machine will be far greater than  USD 250, USD 300 . And if some companies and their If the ex-factory price is only USD 250, USD 300, then he will have no profit at all except choosing third-rate low-end or second-hand refurbished parts. As the saying goes, a good woman cannot make a meal out of old rice. The performance of the machine produced in this way can be imagined.


As we all know, profit is a prerequisite for ensuring quality and service. The price of the machine is low. In order to make profits, the manufacturer can only choose low-end accessories, which cannot guarantee the excellent performance of the machine and cannot provide effective after-sales service. In the end, the customer has to foot the bill – because of the failure of the ice machine, business is affected. . Fortunately, the customer is smart. When making the second choice, he will no longer simply look at the price, but will comprehensively measure comprehensive indicators such as machine performance, brand, reputation, manufacturer’s customer base, and after-sales service.


Customers purchase ice machines out of business needs, and Snowman Company is honest and professional in producing ice machines, nothing more. Snowman Company believes that customers will make accurate judgments. You are welcome to call us for consultation or on-site inspection!cutting-edge industrial market. Ice machine manufacturers need to pay close attention to market changes, actively replace and improve products, and create practical products that better meet customer needs. Ice machine manufacturers are oriented to customer needs and continue to create ice machines that are more intelligent, highly reliable, environmentally friendly and healthy, so that they can win wider recognition and praise in the market.


Ice making machine is one of the most important equipment in industrial production. In order to efficiently produce high-quality ice making machines, there must be differences in the processes and technologies used by different brands of ice making machine manufacturers. In this regard, the question that consumers are concerned about is which ice machine manufacturers can produce ice machines that bring real practical value to consumers?


In the market, if you search for ice machine manufacturers as the title, you will see many brands. Some brands have created brand awareness in the market by virtue of their deep market strength, perfect after-sales service and perfect ice machine production process. Extremely high situation.


For consumers, when choosing an ice machine, they may wish to choose from these well-known brand manufacturers, which can not only ensure the quality, service life and after-sales service quality of the equipment, but also perfectly solve their refrigeration needs.


This ice machine has become the main force of our company’s refrigeration. Not only has the production efficiency been greatly improved, but it has also received good support in after-sales service.


Slowly, I have become a loyal consumer and advocate of ice machine manufacturers. If given the opportunity, I will share this good brand and good equipment with more people.

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