Why doesn’t the ice maker make ice?

The ice machine does not make ice, does not fill the water, does not remove ice, makes ice but does not remove ice, and makes ice slowly. Ice machines are widely used in cafes, KTVs, hotels and other places. Ice machines are generally used under normal maintenance. There will be no problems, but if the maintenance is not in place or the use environment is poor, various problems will occur. Let’s talk about common problems that often occur with ice machines and their solutions.

The principle of an ice maker is similar to that of a refrigerator and air conditioner. All heat dissipation issues must be paid attention to when using it. The main symptoms of poor heat dissipation are: the ice making time is prolonged or even the ice cannot be made. Due to poor heat dissipation, the compressor gets hot and causes overheating protection and does not produce ice. Preliminary treatment: Open the cover and observe whether there is dust on the heat sink that affects the wind flow or other foreign objects blocking the heat sink. Just remove it. In addition, if you use a fan to dissipate heat, check whether the fan is operating normally. There are also some ice machines that are not cooled by air, but by filling water into the condenser to discharge the heat, which is called water cooling method. For this method, you must check whether the drainage and heat dissipation system is normal and whether there is water flowing out of the water outlet. Under normal circumstances, just adjust the water valve so that warm water can be discharged from the water outlet. This is more water-saving and environmentally friendly.

Another reason why the ice machine doesn’t make ice is because it doesn’t supply water. Because the water pump is broken and cannot push water to the ice tray, of course it will not be able to make ice. If possible, clean the water pump every two months. If the water filtration system is not good, clean it once a month, or replace the water filtration system. Otherwise, scale will jam the water pump or even burn it down. The entire ice-making water circulation system must be cleaned regularly so that the ice-making effect will not be affected.

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