How to clean an ice machine?

Commercial ice machines are the workhorses of catering services, hotels, supermarkets and other industries, keeping beverages at the optimal temperature to ensure good taste and safety. However, people often forget to clean the machines, which leads to the formation of deposits such as scale and mold, which contaminates the ice and affects the health of customers. Since ice is considered a food by the FDA, regular cleaning and sanitizing of machines is especially important to meet government standards. But do you know how to clean an ice machine? Follow these instructions to make sure your ice machine works well and produces safe and hygienic ice.


To be honest, the frequency of cleaning the ice machine is very important. It is best to clean the inside and outside of the ice machine every week to remove scale and other deposits that may interfere with the function of the machine to ensure that the machine can run efficiently.


First, let’s talk about how to clean the inside of the machine

  1. Turn off the ice machine and remove all ice cubes from the ice storage bucket.
  2. Wipe the inside of the ice storage bucket to remove scale and other dirt inside.
  3. Apply appropriately diluted ice machine cleaner to the inside of the ice storage bucket.
  4. Let the cleaner remain on the surface to dissolve scale and sediment; if it cannot be dissolved, wipe it with a rag.
  5. Rinse with clean water
  6. Wipe away any remaining moisture and apply disinfectant.
  7. Let the machine dry fully.


Then learn how to clean the exterior

  1. Wipe the machine surface to remove dirt and soil
  2. Apply diluted ice maker cleaner to exterior surfaces
  3. Use a damp cloth to remove deposits on the machine surface
  4. Rinse with clean water
  5. Dry and apply disinfectant.


In addition, condenser and filter cleaning is also crucial,

For optimal airflow and performance, the ice machine condenser and its filter need to be cleaned every six months.

First turn off the power, then use detergent to clean the coil to remove dirt, wipe it clean and then restart the machine.


As a conclusion, by developing a simple ice machine maintenance schedule, you can avoid costly repairs. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your commercial ice machine will keep your ice looking beautiful and tasting great.


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