How to choose air cooling or water cooling for ice machine?

When it comes to ice machines, there are plenty of options for us to choose at present. You have to consider output, ice shape, and many factors before you make a ultimate choice on the prime ice machine for your business. One consideration is how and where the ice machine exhausts the heat it generates when making ice. There are two designs for accomplishing this, air cooling and water cooling ice machines.

Let’s analyze the difference between air cooling and water cooling ice machines , which helps you to make a good decision.

Air cooling ice machines use air to transfer heat away from the machine. Internal fans and vents inside the machine circulate air. As air flows through the condenser coil, it removes the heat inside and then exits it through the vents on the back or side of the ice machine.

Water cooling ice machines use water to transfer heat out of the machine, water coils run along the condenser coils. The condenser coils release heat into the water, and then the hot water drains out of the unit, removing heat from the system and allowing it to maintain a cool temperature.

Air cooling and water cooling each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of air cooling over water cooling is that it saves water, but because the fan motor uses electricity, it also uses more electricity than water cooling. The cooling effect is easily affected by the ambient temperature. The hot air discharged into the room needs to be discharged in time, otherwise as the ambient temperature rises, the cooling effect of the ice machine will be affected. If the indoor temperature is too high and cannot be discharged, the machine will be overheated and the human body will feel uncomfortable.

In summer, for water cooling ice machine, the ice production capacity is slightly larger than that of air-cooled ice machines of the same specification, it is less affected by the room temperature, and it does not emit hot air into the room. The water consumption is more than that of air cooling. The Snowman ice machine uses an imported water-saving valve. Through intelligent pressure control, it adjusts the water output according to the temperature and pressure changes of the machine to achieve the effect of saving water.

Therefore, you have to choose air cooling or water cooling according to your actual situation.

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