What kinds of ice shape does snowman ice machines make?

Ice cubes are made by ice machine and are very suitable for use in these places: Bubble Tea Cafe, Restaurant, Hot Pot Restaurant, Hotel, Supermarket, Food factory, Sea Food, Cold Drink Shop, Laboratory, Cafe, Bar/KTV, Hospital.

According to their different shapes, the ice can be divided into cube ice, crescent ice, granular ice, and Flake ice.

1.Cube ice is the most widely used type of ice. It is in the shape of a square with a concave point in the center. It is produced by KD series, SD series, and BT series ice machine;

There are 3 regular sizes, A: 22*22*22mm, B: 28*13*23mm, C: 28*28*23mm. Of course, size customization can be accepted. The daily output is 36KG -900KG.

  1. Crescent ice is half-moon shape, solid, translucent, slow to melt, and can keep the taste of drinks. The size is 38*30*13mm. It is made by our AM series ice making machine. The current daily output can reach 480KG.


  1. Granular ice is small in shape and can quickly penetrate into small gaps, making it easy to access and stack. It has a soft texture and does not hurt your teeth when chewed. The temperature is slightly below zero. It can stay warm and moist for a long time on the display table. It can completely surround the product in contact and cool down quickly. It is very suitable for “contact” display applications, such as: Hotel sashimi, fresh produce booths, small supermarkets, hospitals, laboratories and other places.

Made from our ice machine AF series models, daily output: 60-1000kg


  1. Flake ice: The water content of flake ice is about 2%. It is dry, not easy to melt, has a smooth surface and will not damage refrigerated products. Compared with snowflake ice, flake ice has a larger contact area and has the best cooling effect among all types of ice. It can also increase the beauty of product display for customers and stores. Flake ice has been widely used in major supermarket chains, buffets, meat processing, seafood markets, small aquatic products, hotels, vegetable distribution and preservation, food processing, marine fisheries, concrete mixing engineering, chemical industry, etc.

Made from our ice machine AP series chassis, daily output: 200-1000kg.


The output of all ice machines is affected by the working environment temperature, so the output is not fixed. Our ice machine has CE ETL ROHS certificate.


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