How to improve the ice making efficiency of your ice machine

The Ice machine manufacturer said:

the ice machine is relatively high-precision and highly technical, the usage scenario, water leakage temperature, maintenance frequency, etc. may affect the ice-making efficiency and service life of the ice machine. If you want to improve the ice-making efficiency of your ice machine, you can start from the following :

  1. Check the refrigerant. When the refrigerant working pressure is too high or too low, the refrigeration compressor cannot operate normally. The refrigerant pressure inside must be adjusted to restore balance. In addition, too much or not enough refrigerant may affect the refrigeration efficiency of the Crescent Ice Machine, and the refrigerant composition must be corrected in time.
  2. Check the pipes of the Crescent Ice Maker to see if there is any gas, dirt, or pipe deformation. If there is dirt, it needs to be removed. If the pipeline is deformed, it needs to be restored to its original condition.
  3. If the ambient temperature and water temperature are too high or too low, they will affect the ice making efficiency. Generally, it is necessary to keep the natural environment temperature at 20°C and control the temperature around 10°C.
  4. The working atmosphere of the Crescent Ice Machine will also affect the ice making efficiency. Ice machines generally need to be installed in areas with natural ventilation and easy heat dissipation. In addition, when using the ice machine, one meter of space must be left around and at the top to facilitate subsequent inspection and daily maintenance.
  5. The water condition has a certain impact on the efficiency of the Crescent Ice Machine. Good water quality and less residue will help increase the speed of ice making. Install a water purifier in the inlet pipe.

Crescent Ice Machine Manufacturer said that professional ice machines are divided into several types according to the shape of the ice they create, including granular ice machines, flake ice machines, Block ice machines, tube ice machines,etc.

The ice produced by Shanghai snowman ice machine is in a grid shape and is mainly used in restaurants, shopping malls, aquatic product processing, cargo transportation, food industry applications, and a small number of applications in the chemical plant industry. From what you eat to what you use, it can be said to occupy most aspects of life.


The ice produced by the flake ice machine is in the shape of irregular tiny particles, which is relatively humid and cold. The moisture content is between 15% and 25%. The temperature is slightly below zero. It has strong plasticity and a wide range of applications, including cube ice. The gap cannot be reached. It is an ice making machine specially designed for laboratories, so it can be especially used in experiments such as biological science, medicine, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, inspection and testing.

Shanghai Crescent Ice Machine Manufacturer stated that the  flake Ice Machine has high efficiency and a large ice output rate. It can produce 40kg of ice every day, but this is under 24-hour uninterrupted conditions. Therefore, from the two types of ice machines, it is not difficult to find that the ice produced by each ice machine is unique. Speaking of areas where there are commonalities between the two, such as crushed ice for grid ice After the machine is shaved, you can get the effect of a snowflake ice machine, but it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the efficiency is relatively low, so private use is still necessary.