The ice machine stops making ice in the middle of the night. What should I do if it reports an error and takes off the ice after a timeout?

Recently, I have received after-sales service from many customers, all of which have faulty EO3s. What should I do?

The E03 fault code represents a “ice falling timeout” fault.

The customer said that the ice machine was always on. When he woke up in the morning, he saw a malfunction and there was not much ice in the ice bucket. The ice machine stopped making ice in the middle of the night, which had an impact on the business the next day.


So what is the reason for this “ice falling timeout” fault?

First, observe whether the ice making machine is de-icing smoothly. After the evaporator temperature rises, whether the ice is falling off smoothly. This can eliminate the problem of the ice tray. Sometimes the ice will get stuck, causing the whole page to not fall down, and the system cannot run sequentially, and an error will be reported.


Ice jam is related to the de-icing temperature and the cleanliness of the ice tray. The temperature is enough and the ice does not fall off. It is most likely that the ice tray has scale and cannot slide down.

Excluding the ice tray, there is another place that can cause this problem, which is the evaporator cover.

There is a white cover in front of the ice tray of the split machine. The ice full switch and ice removal sensor are installed on the right side of the cover.


Each time it is turned on and reset, the ice machine completes the ice making and de-icing process and starts again.

If this board is not fully reset after opening, the ice machine will remain stuck in the ice dropping program, so the “Timeout Ice Dropping Fault” will light up.


The solution is just to reset the cover by hand. The reason why it cannot be completely reset may be that the switch is aging or the sensor sensitivity is reduced. After the ice machine has been used for a long time, problems of one kind or another will occur, so regular maintenance is particularly important.