Ice maker selection

Adding the right amount and quality of ice to a drink will not only keep it chilled but enhance the flavour and customer experience. Commercial ice makers, or ice machines, provide a reliably consistent source of ice in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for more detailed guidance on how to buy the ice machine that suits your business, check out our ice machine buying guide.

Types of ice makers or ice machines

With a range of ice maker machines that produce various forms of ice, it's important to find the right one to suit your business.

Ice machines generally refer to stand-alone appliances that produce large volumes of ice for industrial purposes. Our range includes the Snowsman BT-Series Under Counter Ice Machine that can specifically produce up to 40kg,60kg,90kg of Cube ice and the appliance can be tucked underneath counters making it very convenient for pubs, bars and food courts that have limited spacing. We also have the ISpray cube ice  Machine that produces individually made, solid, crystal clear, slow-melting ice cubes with an output of 70kg per 24 hours and comes with a 20kg integral ice storage bin.

Granular ice  can be added to cocktails or even to present certain beverage or dessert items in display fridges.


Ice can also be used and served in flakes and there are ice flakers that do just this. While the prices of these ice machines are on the steeper end, these can produce dry and granular ice in flat, irregular shapes perfect for preserving and presenting fresh fish and meat on counter displays.