Thank you for visiting us in Shanghai Hotelex 2024

More than 1,000 exhibitors and nearly 200,000 visitors from 80 countries. The annual Shanghai Hotelex covers almost the entire hotel and catering industry and services. Almost all these industries and services have one need in common: ice, which is why SNOWMAN Ice Makers continues to increase its presence at the industry's major world fairs and its machines are generating more interest than ever before.


Shanghai Hotelex 2024 demonstrated SNOWMAN ice making machines' leading position in the Asian ice making industry and that its products are recognized by customers in half the world. But attending a show of this magnitude cannot be impromptu. Providing quality, profitable and safe products can only be the result of years of hard work and investment of talent. SNOWMAN Ice Makers’ success at the Shanghai show is the inevitable result of a cohesive team whose members are prepared, restless, and committed to doing a job well.


The company's booth in Shanghai showcases the results of continuous research into technological innovation, a culture of customer service and a constant focus on quality in all areas and processes. All in an effort to provide profitable, safe, sustainable and suitable ice machines for all types of businesses and uses. However, the proof of success lies not with the SNOWMAN ice maker, but outside. They are thousands of satisfied customers who check every day for the quality of the ice, the productivity of the machines, the advantages of 100% proprietary technology, and responsive and meticulous after-sales service.


The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and we recognize and discuss new trends and developments. The market is becoming increasingly segmented and consumer culture is changing with each passing day. At SNOWMAN Ice Makers, we understand these changes and we are not afraid of them. Quite the opposite. Responding to profound changes in the industry and market is a strong driving force for us to continue to manufacture the best ice machines.