Snowsman ice machine Cleaning Instructions

The machine’s water distribution system don’t require the removal of parts for cleaning.Ice machines require regular cleaning and disinfection twice a year to remove scale and disinfect as needed.


Turn the ice machine off and wait for ice in the evaporator to melt, or turn the machine off right after the ice drops at the end of a cycle. Don’t force ice from the evaporator which may cause damage.

Empty ice from the ice bin and remove the top cover from the machine if there is one.

Turn the machine on and follow ice machine-specific instructions to begin the clean cycle and add cleaner or sanitizer to the evaporator.


What is the difference between cleaner and sanitizer?

The terms “cleaner” and “sanitizer” may be used in reference to cleaning your ice machine’s water distribution system, interior parts, and foodzone areas.   cleaner and sanitizer are equally important solutions that accomplish separate functions. Mixing the two solutions will cancel out their effects .

Ice machine cleaner, also called descaler, is a citric and phosphoric acid-based solution that breaks down buildup from lime scale and other minerals in ice machines.

Ice machine sanitizer removes slime and algae and kills bacteria that may have built up in the ice machine since the last cleaning.