What characteristics of ice cubes can be adjusted?

First of all, the thickness of the ice cubes can be adjusted.But Thicker ice takes longer to freeze and longer to melt, so it can keep your customers’ drinks cold before watering them down, which might be especially valuable in warm locales.

Also, the ice bridge of the ice machine can also be adjusted.If you make the bridge of the ice too thick, it won’t break apart when harvested. If you make it too thin, the ice may shatter completely upon harvest. For all bridge adjustments of the ice machine , you should let the Ice machine run a few cycles with the new thickness before adjusting it further.


What exactly is an ice bridge?

The bridge of your ice is the frozen portion that connects each cube to another as they freeze on the ice grid. Each ice machine has a sensor that detects when the ice has fully frozen. The distance between the ice grid and the sensor determines the height and thickness of the ice produced. Moving the sensor further away from the grid creates thicker ice, while moving it closer creates thinner ice. Be careful, though, as making the ice too thin can cause it to shatter before it can be used, while too thick of a bridge can produce sheets of ice that won’t break apart.


Can you Adjust an Ice Machine Bridge by Yourself?

Indeed many manufacturers don’t want you to adjust the bridge yourself.


Changing Ice Thickness by Manufacturer:

Open the machine to the control panel and press the + or – sign to adjust the thickness of your ice Machine