The rapid development of flake ice machines in China

Flake ice machine is the most important ice-making tool in my country. Flake ice machine is widely used in supermarkets, hotels, and food processing industries. Since entering the 21st century, compared with traditional flake ice machines, new flake ice machines are required to have the characteristics of simplicity, high productivity, more complete supporting facilities, and a higher degree of automation. It is understood that the countries with relatively high ice-making and refrigeration levels currently include the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. German Ice is in a superior position in design, manufacturing and technical performance. In recent years, the development of refrigeration and flake ice machine equipment in these countries has shown new trends. China’s economic development has been faster and faster since the reform. So far, China’s science and technology have been greatly improved and are constantly improving. The production technology level of ice making equipment such as flake ice machines and supermarket ice machines is also constantly updated and improved. improve.

At present, the competition in the flake ice machine market is fierce. Those flake ice machines with stagnant technology are destined to be eliminated, while those with high automation, intelligence, humanization, high output, low energy consumption, and environmental protection are destined to be eliminated. . Friendly flake ice machine products will be loved by customers and are increasingly favored by the flake ice machine industry. Therefore, the automation of flake ice machine equipment is the main goal of the development of flake ice machine manufacturing industry.

Our SNOWMAN brand flake ice machine is in line with the trend of industrial automation. New intelligent equipment such as highly intelligent CNC systems, encoders and digital control components, and power load control have been widely used in flake ice machine equipment, allowing equipment users to More independent, flexible, correct operation, high efficiency and strong compatibility. In the process of upgrading the SNOWMAN flake ice machine to a high degree of automation, it also fully considered the user’s on-site usage conditions and carried out a more user-friendly design. In addition to ensuring automatic control, customized designs are also carried out based on the user’s on-site installation and usage conditions to meet different needs.

Recently, according to customer needs, our company has produced several flake ice machines with different outputs, with open and closed structures. Without affecting product quality and automatic control, we fully consider the actual conditions of on-site installation, operation and use for design and production. After the goods were delivered to the site, they were highly appreciated by customers.