Why is the ice machine making ice slowly?

Many customers will find a problem. After using the ice machine for a long time, they will find that the ice speed of the ice machine is getting slower and slower, and the amount of ice produced will be less and less. So what’s going on? Now let’s talk about the reasons why the ice machine is slow to make ice.

This may happen for the following reasons:

  • The refrigerant pressure is too high or too low, causing the compressor to work abnormally. The refrigerant pressure should be adjusted at this time.
  • There is gas or debris in the refrigerant pipeline, or the pipeline is deformed. At this time, the refrigerant pipeline should be checked and different measures should be taken for different faults.
  • If the machine is air-cooled, it may be because the fan electrical appliance is broken and rotates relatively slowly, so the heat dissipation effect is not good, resulting in slow ice making. Once the time is long, the compressor may be burned out. At this time, the condensing fan should be replaced in time to avoid burning out the compressor and causing unnecessary losses.
  • Insufficient refrigerant (this shortage is not a leak, it will still be consumed during normal operation) or too much refrigerant, which will affect the ice-making efficiency of the ice machine. If it is found that there is insufficient refrigerant, add refrigerant in time. If it is found that there is too much refrigerant, reduce the refrigerant appropriately.
  • If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, it will affect its ice-making efficiency. Generally, the ambient temperature should be controlled at room temperature 20°C, and the water temperature should be about 10°C.
  • The ice machine should be installed in a ventilated and heat-dissipating location. If it is stuck in a corner, it will seriously affect the various performances of the ice machine.
  • Check whether the filter is blocked. If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, the water inlet into the ice machine will be very small, which will also cause the ice machine to not make ice or make ice slowly.

You know the above reasons, have you suddenly realized it? If your ice machine is slow to make ice, quickly check it according to these tips. If you have more questions about the ice machine, please feel free to consult us.