Crescent Ice Machine (AM Series) 36KG 55KG 90KG 120KG /24H

Crescent Ice Features:

Crescent ice is crystal clear, hard, not easy to stick together, and not easy to melt. The beautiful shape of moon-shaped ice can quickly cool drinks and show off its beautiful form. Crescent ice cubes are tightly packed to achieve maximum ice storage capacity and are very suitable for coffee shops, bakeries, cold drink shops, fast food restaurants, Japanese restaurants and other places where ice is used.

Snwosman's Crescent Ice  Machine Features:

1.All stainless steel shell, sturdy and durable;
2.Nickel-plated copper ice tray, vertical water flow ice making, high ice making efficiency, fast ice dropping, energy saving;
3.“Smart Core” control system (automatic ice making, automatic ice dropping, full ice detection);
4.One-key cleaning function (can be automatically cleaned, saving labor and time) for convenient daily maintenance;
5.LCD display screen, clear operation at a glance, accurately understand the working condition of the machine;
6.The inner liner, water tank, and water distribution pipe all meet food-grade standards and are safe and hygienic;
7.Split machines can be equipped with UVC-LED ultraviolet germicidal lamps for more environmental protection, safety and hygiene;
8.The ice storage bucket is made of PE integral roto molding process with high-density fluorine-free polyurethane integral foaming and high thermal insulation performance;
9.Independent ice storage bucket for easy transportation and large ice storage capacity;
10.Using imported compressors, accessories are guaranteed for one years and maintained for life.



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