Flake Ice Machine (AP Series) 200KG 300KG 500KG/24H

Flake Ice Features:
Flake ice has about 2% water content, is dry, not easy to melt, has a smooth surface and does not operate refrigerated products. Compared with snowflake granular ice, flake ice has a large contact area and has the best cooling effect among all shapes of ice. It can also add to the beauty of product displays for customers and sales areas. Flake ice has been widely used in large chain supermarkets, buffets, meat processing, seafood markets, small aquatic products, hotel fresh ice, vegetable distribution and preservation, food processing, marine fisheries, concrete mixing engineering, chemical industry and so on.

Snowman’s Flake Ice Machine Features:
1.The evaporator barrel is made of high-quality low-temperature alloy steel. It is finely welded and annealed (to eliminate internal stress in the evaporator) with chrome plating treatment;
2.Combined with scientific flow channel design, the heat transfer efficiency inside the evaporator barrel is high. It does not deform or fail easily;
3.Vertical evaporator fixed design avoids problems such as refrigeration system leakage caused by damage to seals due to evaporator operation;
4.The ice knife is made of SUS04 seamless steel pipe in one-time forming process with low resistance, low energy consumption, no noise, no frost powder, durable;
5.PLC automatic control with automatic ice making;
6.Automatic fault alarm makes maintenance convenient;
7.Ice can be produced in 3 minutes continuously to meet your needs;
8.Using imported compressors. Accessories are guaranteed for one years with lifetime maintenance.

Flake Ice Machine (AP Series) 200KG 300KG 500KG/24H


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