Granular Ice Machine (AF Series) 230KG 320KG 500KG/24H

Granular Ice Features:
Granular snowflake ice has a small shape and can quickly penetrate into small gaps. It is easy to win and stack, has a soft texture, does not hurt teeth when chewed, and has a temperature slightly below zero. It can maintain moisture on the display stand for a long time and can completely surround the products it comes into contact with and cool them quickly. It is very suitable for “contact” display applications such as hotel sashimi, fresh produce stands, small supermarkets, hospitals, laboratories and other places.

Snowsman's Granular Ice Machine Features:
1. Adopt advanced deceleration motor and reducer for maintenance-free operation with low noise even under harsh conditions;
2.Rotary extrusion type ice making method with compact structure. Ice water is automatically separated. Ice cubes are dry and small;
3.Float ball type water inlet with no residual water. The defrosting drainage process is eliminated;
4.Ice can be produced in 3 minutes quickly to save time and water;
5.“Smart Core” control system automatically detects to improve machine stability and maintenance convenience;
6.Adopting a water-saving valve can automatically adjust the size of heat dissipation water;
7.The ice storage bucket is made of PE integral injection molding process with high-density fluorine-free polyurethane integral foaming and high thermal insulation performance;.
8.The inner liner, water tank, and water distribution pipe all meet food-grade standards and are safe and hygienic;
9.Using imported compressors, accessories are guaranteed for one years and maintained for life;


Granular Ice Machine (AF Series) 230KG 320KG 500KG/24H


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