How to choose air cooling and water cooling for ice makers?

The condensation methods of ice makers include water cooling and air cooling. How to choose?

Determined by the ambient temperature, the temperature limit is not higher than 55℃ and not lower than 20℃, and air cooling can be selected. Under normal circumstances, air cooling is not recommended in areas where the ambient temperature exceeds 42℃. Therefore, whether an air-cooled condenser can be selected depends on the ambient temperature. Generally, when designing an air-cooled ice maker, customers must be required to provide the highest ambient temperature of the local area throughout the year.


Advantages of air cooling

No water resources are required, and the operating cost is low.

Easy to install and use, no other supporting equipment is required, and it can be put into operation as long as the power is turned on

No pollution to the environment.

Suitable for areas with severe water shortage or water supply difficulties.



Affected by ambient temperature

Not suitable for areas with polluted air and dusty climate


The advantages and disadvantages of water cooling are opposite to those of air cooling.